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The German says "Hallo", yeah,
In Sweden only "Hej",
The Scots, they save the Queen, and wish a lovely day.
In Finland, "Hyvää",
The Persians, just "Salam",
New Zealand, "Kia ora",
Slovenia, "Dober dan",
The Chinese say "Ni hao",
The Turks say "Merhaba",
In Greece, it's "Kalimera",
In Japan, "Konichiwa",
In India, "Namast?",
In Burma, "Min-ga-la-ba",
The Italians say "Buongiorno",
In Thailand, "Sawasdee Ka"

But there's one word, you have to know,
It comes from Switzerland,
It sounds a bit strange,
It makes you laugh,
And doesn't mean hello!


There's a place called Switzerland,
It's the land of freedom and peace,
Funny people are living there with cow beds, chocolate and cheese,
I say "Hey, how, yo-de-le-do, let me yo-del just for you",
I say "Hey, how, yo-de-le-do, the cows make moo-moo-moo",

What's a chuchichäschtli?

That's a chuchichäschtli! - Humor, Scherze und Witze rund ums Reisen

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